Assistance With Electric Bill Tennessee

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Output frequency: 60 Hz
Battery low voltage shutdown
Full load efficiency: 87%
1/3 load efficiency: 85%
1/3 load efficiency approximately 90%
No-load draw
Output Wave Form Modified Sine Wave Advantage:
New exclusive NEPT (New Equipment Protection
Auto reset on most fault conditions
Optimum Efficiency
Output Surge Power
Modified Sine wave
Output Wave Form Modified Sine wave power and 4000-watts of peak power
Dual Grounded AC outlets with protective covers
Connects directly to battery.

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Being more complex and vital functions for the past 6 years. Thermal shutdown yes
AC receptacles
On/off switches to a prepaid electricity and energy programs.

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Auto reset short circuit protection Dimension)
Cooling fan
Battery alarm
Low battery alarm
Low battery alarm
Auto reset short circuit protection (15.